10 Harmful Effects of plastic On the Environment | Causes + Effortless Solutions

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Plastic is composed of many harmful pollutants, it can cause serious harm to the environment. To prevent this, you need to know about some harmful effects of plastic on the environment and its solutions.

As the population is increasing at an alarming rate, the garbage production rate is also increasing. Soda cans and bottles of water are indeed easily disposable, but the storage of these products has led to increased plastic pollution in the world.

Causes of Plastics Pollution

Plastic causes harm to an area when it starts to accumulate there and harms the natural surroundings. Plastic accumulation causes problems for wildlife, animals, birds, and humans so why not stop this? By now you should be aware of some harmful effects of plastic on the environment but clarity is required.

It can even harm tiny species included in the food chain, so it’s high time to find solutions to prevent plastic from getting accumulated.

Let’s learn about the 10 most serious harmful effects of plastic on the environment

Harmful effects of plastic on the environment

This huge amount of plastic can cause serious harmful effects on the natural environment. Plastic takes time to break down and causes lifelong negative impacts on natural surroundings and humans also. Some of the major long-term harmful effects of plastic on the environment are listed below.

1. Effect on human

Plastic causes an effect on human health as the toxic parts of plastic reach inside human bodies through seafood. Several microplastics are found in marine species and half of these marine species end up on the plate of humans.

Humans drink microplastics through bottled water, and also through clothes packing. Humans even breathe plastic air because of poor waste management.

2. Disturbs food chain

Food chains can be large or small, and plastic can cause harm to tiny organisms of the food chain. When tiny organisms of the food chain get affected then it will cause problems to larger animals who depend on these tiny animals for food.

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This will create various problems further in the food chain, and ultimately to humans as humans eat animals.

When plastic gets accumulated on land, the plastic comes in contact with water and forms toxic chemicals. When plastic waste goes underground it harms the quality of land and water.

Plastic flows from one place to another due to wind and it increases the land garbage. Plastic waste can get stuck with anything like traffic lights, poles, etc., and can cause problems to animals who come in contact with this waste.

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