20 Golden Ways to save money by going green

The environment is a very crucial thing for every organism, but nowadays, its condition is getting worse. It seems that the world is losing everything while pollution seems to never come to an end.

To live a sustainable life & protection of the environment is a must. And trying to live eco-friendly seems a little bit daunting. Just give it a thought on what you can do to live a greener life? You can start to save money by going green and can do a little bit for your environment.

It is a wrong misconception that going green can cost you your fortune, There are various eco-friendly products that exist which are completely budget-friendly.

There are tremendous ways, you just need to start with them.

To go green contains various perks, and you can even go green on a budget just by living an elegant and simple life with the thought of the environment.

These both things go hand-in-hand, so it is recommended that more and more people should foster these changes in their daily lives.

Let’s take a look at the long list to save money by going green. It would really fascinate you and will compel you to make a change in your activities.

Converting to eco-friendly means to become a part of green living. But, what actually going green means? Going green is all about how people use, produce, and dispose of products.

It is a practice to stand with your environment and protect it from destruction. It helps you in making efforts to bring a change in the environment.

This practice is all about lowering the carbon footprint in the surrounding environment and also encourages other people to follow you.

Going green is not only about the recycling process, it is about a simple life. It includes small adjustments to achieve great success. By going green you grab knowledge about money saving tips also.

Going green greatly lowers energy consumption with the help of renewable energy sources.Huge number of people are coming up with green methods by discarding the uses of harmful things, especially plastics.

There is no doubt that if people achieve success in making the world eco-friendly, then there would be a lot of benefits.

How to go green on a budget

Various people believe that to live a green life is to live in rural life, by installing solar panels, by harvesting rain water, by creating compost in your backyard, and whatnot.

It would be great if people started to live in this way. Apart from this, you are able to know money saving tips. Here is the list of some eco-friendly ways to save money that can make your life more sustainable.

20 Ways to save money by going green

It is a true fact that going green saves money, so why not to live a stable and eco-friendly life? So, without further delay let’s hop on some of the cheap ways to go green.

1.Installation of sink water aerators

Sink water aerators, a cheap and easy installation procedure. Greatly lowers the water flow from your sink, this activity saves your money along with water usage.

2. Installation of low flow showerheads

Low flow showerheads, greatly lower the amount of water coming from your shower and don’t even reduce water pressure. These low-flow showerheads come in very fancy designs.

3.Installation of brick in toilet tank

Be sure to renovate your old toilet into a new one by installing a brick or by using a plastic bottle stuffed with sand into the tank. Due to this activity, wastage of water on every single flush gets too low. So, make sure to install a low flush for your toilet.

4.Rack dry the clothes

Nowadays, dryers don’t come with good ratings and include poor energy consumption. Rack drying of clothes is very beneficial as they are able to save lots of energy. Moreover, it also prevents water and air pollution.

5.Wait for full laundry

Just wait for a full load of laundry, as this helps in saving both energy and water during clothes washing and is considered a great money saving tip.

6.Clothes washing in cold water

Make it a habit to wash your clothes with cold water, as it saves the excess of energy on water heating. With cold water also, the clothes become purely clean.

7.Replacement of light bulbs

Replacement of light bulbs with LED lights is one of the cheap ways to go green as they can save you money in their lifespan. Make sure to buy them!

8.Thermostat installation

This spectacular device enables you to program your heat to be in the correct state before your homecoming, and the device goes off when you go to sleep. This allows you to save lots of money on electricity bills, and also saves energy and lowers the risk of pollution.

9. Replacement of weatherstripping

Don’t forget to replace weatherstripping of your windows and doors. By doing so, you are able to stop heat from going out and cold air from coming in during winters.

10.Insulation of water pipes and water heater

Water pipes and water heater insulation greatly helps your water heater to do less work for water heating, and immensely saves money by going green and also saves electricity.

11.cleaning of fridge coils

Do you have the habit of cleaning your fridge coils? If not cleaned properly, the dust can make the fridge run slowly.

12.Use dishwasher when full

Wait till your dishwasher becomes full, as doing so, you are able to use energy and water properly for washing dishes.

13.Prepare your cleaning solution

Most market oriented cleaners are stuffed with harmful chemicals that will only pollute your home. So, come up with your own cleaners or cleaning solutions that can be made at home. A very great way to go green on a budget and these homemade cleaning solutions work very well.

14.Use of washable rags

Make sure to use old rags instead of paper towels to clean up the dirt of the house. This activity not only saves money, but also acts as a beneficial step in saving trees. By using this, no landfills will be completely filled.

15.Put every electronics on power strips

Even when all electronic items like TVs, computers, and many more are in off mode they continuously draw electricity the whole day.

So, to avoid this, put all the electronic items on the power strip and completely shut them off during the night or whenever you leave home. By doing so you are able to save electricity as well as money.

16.Food scraps compositing

One of the best eco-friendly ways to save money, compositing is the method that can be done in an apartment also. Compositing of food scraps enables you to save money and also reduces lots of waste from accumulating into landfill.

17.Prepare organic garden

Going green by starting an organic garden is a very good thought. But, if you are just starting gardening, always start with easy gardening like tomato gardening or lettuce gardening, and slowly raise it to more.

18.Planting trees

Just spend some time and money planting trees and see its benefit. If tree planting is done properly, then you will get shade so you use less AC.

It also helps in emitting oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbs a great amount of carbon-di-oxide for proper breathing. This step should be done by all people, then only it will become fruitful.

19.Rain barrel installation

An eco-friendly way to save money is the installation of a rain barrel so that it can collect rainwater. The collected water can then be used for watering plants.

So, if you reside in a rainy area, then install lots of barrels and by connecting them with one another the task becomes easier, as one rainstorm can fill several gallons in these rainy areas.

20.Installation of solar lights

Instead of lighting the pathway of your home with electricity, light it with solar lights. Solar lights charge during the whole day and give better light than electric bulbs the whole night.


Sustainable methods of living thrive from home and from the neighborhood. To save money by going green, it is suggested to adopt maximum things from the list that seems simple and easy to do — and ponder upon that activity as soon as possible.

After some months, when you become curious to inculcate new habits, then do more activities, then after a few days do more, until you have implemented the 20 activities in your life.

These activities will not only provide you immediate progress and tremendous savings but also overwhelm you.

These 20 awesome and cheap ways to go green methods will save your money rather than costing it. Going green is the best way to start your year in the correct way and also a smart way to lower up your monthly budget.

Encourage others also to adopt these activities in their daily life so that they can understand the importance of environmental protection.

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