5 important sources of renewable energy

There are many sources of renewable energy present in the environment but the most important and beneficial ones are solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, biomass energy, and geothermal energy.

Energy is the prime requirement of every individual. As the technology is enhancing, so renewable power is also enhancing and innovations are bringing down the costs to provide a stable future. Renewables are greatly replacing dirty fossil fuels in sectors of power which offers less emission of harmful agents and carbon.

You should be aware of how to use these advanced technologies at home and what types of things you should know about.

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What is renewable energy

Renewable energy is obtained from natural sources like the sun, wind, water, and also from the earth’s surface. It’s not like only renewable energy comes from natural sources, fossil fuels are also obtained from natural sources but they get vanish at one time.

Renewable energy, often known as clean energy, is obtained from natural sources or from certain processes which are replenished completely. For instance, the wind keeps blowing and the sun keeps shining, even though their availability depends on the weather. Renewable energy never vanishes off.

It is considered as a new technology and enhancing at an alarming rate. Nature’s power is used in past years, but recently the usage has increased for purpose of lighting, heating, transportation, and much more. But, for the past 500 years, humans have turned towards cheap sources like coal.

Sources of renewable energy

Sources of renewable energy mean sources that are sustainable — which never vanish off, and the sources are endless just like the sun. The sources of renewable will remain till the lifetime of the planet and you can avail of these resources on daily basis. Let’s learn about these sources of renewable energy which are helpful as well as essential.

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Solar Energy

Sunlight, one of the freely available sources of energy and most abundant. The amount of the sun’s energy reaching the earth in one hour exceeds the planet’s total requirements of energy for a year.

A perfect source of renewable energy and the amount of energy is used according to the time, season, and location. Solar energy is consumed for many years for various purposes like growing food, staying warm, and much more. Now, the use of solar energy is becoming advanced like for heating homes, using this energy at night, to power devices, and many more.

Solar panels are used to transform sunlight into electricity. Now, you will get to see many solar panels in the country, solar farms make electricity for many homes. This source of renewable energy is abundant and very helpful. Apart from this, solar energy is eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce any harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases.

Hydro Energy

Among renewable sources of energy, hydro power is the best and well commercially developed. Have you ever thought of electricity generation from water? By building a barrier, the use of a large reservoir is done to control the flow of water which will drive the turbine, and electricity is generated.

A more reliable source of renewable energy than sun and wind and hydro energy allows storing electricity for use when the demand increases.

Hydropower typically relies on fast-flowing water in rivers or on water that is descending from a high point. An environment-friendly energy source, as no harmful products are generated from this source of energy.

Geothermal Energy

Have you ever relaxed in a hot spring? If yes, then you have experienced geothermal energy. The core of the earth is as hot as the sun’s surface, due to the very slow decay of radioactive particles of rocks.

If you drill deep into the earth’s surface then hot underground water will erupt to the surface which is used for generating electricity.

A massive amount of heat is stored in the earth, and sometimes this heat erupts all at once like in volcanic eruptions. With the help of geothermal energy, you can directly cool or heat your buildings. A massive source of renewable energy with great potential for energy supply.

Bio Energy

Biomass energy is the source of renewable energy which is produced from living organic matter, for instance — animals and plants. It is a renewable source because plants are regrown with the help of the sun’s energy. Many fuels also come from biomass like ethanol and biodiesel.

Eco-friendly source of energy, as it does not produce any extra carbon dioxide into the air.

Bioenergy is dependent on plants, so grow plants in abundance. When new plants are grown and old plants are harvested so these new plants take carbon dioxide which is released during the harvesting process. The major source in producing electricity with low economic charges.

Wind Energy

One type of source of renewable energy is wind with which an individual interacts every day. You simply feel that the air is moving from one place to another due to the earth’s heating. Capture this power of wind using turbines, which helps in producing electricity. Wind energy is becoming popular for high scale applications.

Today, the structure of windmills has changed, now the windmills are built very high so that a large amount of electricity can be produced. Like solar energy, wind energy is also pollution-free and one of the growing sources of renewable energy which supplies energy is a vast amount.

Importance of Renewable Energy

When it comes to sources of energy, the sustainability question always rises to mind. Sources must provide energy to meet the requirements of people like for heating houses, powering cities, and many more.

Apart from this, it is really important to know how to use these energy sources in long term.

Renewable energy produces clean energy, emits low pollution, and no emission of greenhouse gases is done. All these sources of renewable energy have some importance in life. The cost of these energies is lowering and is available at sustainable rates.

Renewable energy is important as with the absence of this natural energy, people can’t power the world. Start replacing the unsustainable methods which you use for generating electricity with more sustainable ones, otherwise, nothing will be left.

According to a search, it is estimated that the world will run out of fossil fuels in coming years, and the burning of trees or trash will take the world not so far.

Another reason for the importance of renewable energy is that it protects the environment from getting polluted. If you try to convert non-renewable sources into electricity it causes harm to the environment and the planet and makes the world a difficult place to live. Many negative impacts will surround the world on the burning of non-renewable sources.

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  • No emission of greenhouse gases is done by renewable energy, which is a beneficial point for climate. And if no greenhouse gases will emit, no global warming will occur.
  • No emission of harmful pollutants is done by renewable energy, which is good for human health.
  • The cost of renewable energy is low and at reasonable rates.
  • Renewable energy provides jobs which is good for the community as there is much scope in the energy department.
  • Accessible for all and that’s good in the development sector. The sources are secure also and provides enough stability.


As the population is increasing, the demand is increasing for sources of renewable energy to generate electricity. Innovation is the prime factor to maintain the stability of energy.

So, these are the top 5 sources of renewable energy which are in great demand now. The sources are beneficial as they have less impact on the environment and are eco-friendly.

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