Eco-friendly Straws: Best Plastic Straws Alternatives To Save The Environment

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4 min readOct 12, 2021

Environment protection and waste cutting is a very good and efficient method, especially when you can search for cheap and easy ways to do so. To start with this, using eco-friendly straws instead of plastic straws is one of the efficient methods to make the environment clean.

These environmentally beneficial straws are designed from various sustainable materials like silicone, glass, bamboo, and stainless steel.

These reusable and plastic straws alternatives are easy to clean either in a dishwasher or by hand, and the design seems to be very cute. They come in various colors that can soothe your eyes and can make you sipping happy.

It gives immense pleasure to sip iced coffee or your favourite drink knowing that you are helping the environment to recover. Make use of these reusable straws on beaches and enjoy sipping your favourite drink.

It is a true fact that plastic straws cause great harm to the planet and this activity is increasing day by day. Plastic straws have become one of the major causes of ocean pollution, and not only harms aquatic life but also harms other animals and humans who love to consume seafood.

It’s high time to ban these plastic & one use harmful straws and head towards Eco-friendly plastic straws alternatives. A wide range of options are available for you to choose from.

There are almost 7.6 million plastic straws found on beaches that can cause serious health hazards. Time has come to throw away plastic straws and use non-harmful straws that offer Eco-friendly advantages. Carry one with you everywhere you travel. To respect your decision to turn away from plastic, here are some plastic straws alternatives that you may go for and make the environment Eco-friendly.

12 Plastic Straws Alternatives

Fortunately, these reusable straws don’t cause any harm to the planet and make the bio-degradation process very easy. Offers greener products by lowering environmental risk and allows people to live a sustainable life. Let’s dive into some wonderful reusable and Eco-friendly straws.

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  • Bamboo is one of the best natural materials and all bamboo accessories are strong and tough. It acts to be the best plastic alternative.
  • A pure plant-based material that includes high sustainability along with better antibacterial properties.
  • Every straw is designed from unique bamboo and can be taken in use again and again as the material is grown organically. Enjoy both cold and hot drinks with bamboo straws.

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  • Paper straws, most frequently taken in use instead of plastic straws and mainly can be seen in use in bars, cafes, and other related places.
  • Designed from renewable sources and has the property of easy biodegradation and lowers the risk of carbon footprint.
  • Used paper straws don’t cause any harm to the ocean and to the environment, but they sometimes add an unpleasant paper pulp taste.

Benefits of reusable straws

Plastic, a harmful thing, is designed from non-renewable sources, and the pollution produced from plastic manufacturing units causes harm and even kills a huge number of aquatic animals. However, plastic straws create more imbalance that ultimately leads to environmental damage.

One method to reduce plastic damage to the environment is to switch over Eco-friendly or bamboo straws. Here are some awesome benefits of reusable straws.

According to research around 7 million of plastic waste, especially plastic straws, accumulates every year in oceans that degrades the quality of oceans. Plastic waste is not biodegradable and in near future, it is estimated that there would be more plastic waste in oceans rather than aquatic life. So, switching over to reusable straws can stop from doing so, as these types of straws break naturally and avoid any harm to aquatic life.

Plastics leave microplastics that can’t be seen by the naked eye and greatly affect the food chain and animals. Aquatic animals that consume these microplastics don’t receive proper nourishment and ultimately die. On the other hand, reusable straw vanishes completely in just a few days and doesn’t even enter the oceans. If by chance they add up in the ocean, then it doesn’t cause any harm.

Due to the slow process of plastic breakdown, it can emit harmful chemicals into the environment and leach into rivers making it suffer. Plastics present in the ocean disturb the hormonal balance of aquatic animals on consumption.

On the other hand, reusable straws don’t emit harmful chemicals and are easy to digest by organisms, and change to organic matter. So, switching to eco-friendly straws can create a difference.


Changing habits is a tough task but very crucial to save the environment. It is a true fact that plastic straws have become a serious threat to humans, animals, and oceans. Thus, everyone needs to become conscious and move towards Eco-friendly straws. There is a long list of varying straws to select from. Let’s make a vow to change the planet for a better future and to save it from every harmful chemical. Go for pure plant-based biodegradable straws.

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