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An environment is a place where everybody meets and lives. Nowadays, the environment is polluting effectively due to a lot of population, but it has been rightly said that Environment is not a property to diminish, so everyone must have an opportunity to learn about the importance of environmental protection.

It is everybody’s responsibility to protect it & that will be only possible when humans will realize their mistakes and irrelevant behavior towards the environment.

Recently, environmental protection has become the most prominent topic all over the world so let’s join hands to save the environment.

This article demonstrates all the significant points about the environment protection act and why it is important. Furthermore, why the EPA plays a crucial role in environmental protection.

In addition, this article also defines the importance of environmental protection and what careers can be engaged in environmental safety work. Besides, several steps were taken by the government and countries for environmental protection, also discussed in this research brief.

What is environmental protection?

Environment protection is the study of saving the natural environment by organizations, governments, and individuals.

Environmental protection emphasizes solving health issues arising from the interaction between environmental systems and humans and also concludes problems such as pollution, loss of biodiversity, environmental policy, and land degradation.

Why is environmental protection important?

It is essential to protect the environment as it is not only safe for humans and crops but also safe for plants and animals. According to some researchers, the importance of environmental protection is to help preserve the species diversity that shares the planet for nature, and people’s benefits.

So, protecting the environment is significant because more environmental degradation is irreversible or may be very harmful to all animals, humans, or plants. Sustainable Living helps to live life and make the environment more safe and secure for individuals also it will positively affect agriculture food products such as spices.

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Environmental Protection issues

There are various environmental protection issues that put bad impacts on the environment and human beings such as below:

1. Global warming and change of climate

Activities of humans have created global warming and climate change which creates threats. The increasing level of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has caused a rise in global temperatures. These changes are affecting all forms of life.

2. Pollution and ocean Acidification

Pollution causes a major problem for everyone nowadays. Water pollution is caused by the rapid development of urban, improper disposal of sewage by industries, oil spills, chemical waste disposal, etc. Water pollution causes various diseases and environmental issues.

Ocean water absorbs 30% of carbon dioxide released in the air, so it happens when the carbon dioxide absorbed by the seawater increases hydrogen ions concentration. Hence it makes it difficult for the oysters, sea corals, and calms and also affects the organism’s behaviors.

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