Sources of Non-renewable Energy : It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Based on the sources used to create energies, it is divided into two categories: the first one is renewable energy which we discussed in the last post and the second one is non-renewable energy.

In this blog we are going to share some interesting information about non-renewable energy, what is non-renewable energy, sources of non-renewable energy so to know about it read the full post carefully.

What is a non-renewable energy

Non-renewable energy is defined as the energy that are produced by the use of organic sources that are available in a limited quantity like coal, petroleum, etc.

However, non-renewable energy sources will be finished one day from the planet. Although These sources took thousands of years or more time to build naturally inside the land.

That’s the reason why the government are trying to encourage people to use of renewable energy sources because these sources are going to be empty over time in future.

Common sources of non-renewable energy

Here’s the sources which are commonly used to create non-renewable energy


Coal is a source of non-renewable energy which is produced on the earth; it takes millions of years to form.

The process to form a lump of coal is started when the dead plants & trees will accumulate at the bottom of the earth & Inside the land due to high pressure & heat will work on these matter for millions of years then it will convert those substances into coal.

Coal is a primary fuel that is considered in a group of fossil fuels, It is used as a source to generate energy. But

Why is it considered a non-renewable energy source? Because, All fossil fuels like petrol & coal are formed by natural processes. And It will be finished one day.

Coal has some properties like coal is a substance which has a high percentage of carbon present in it & only because of the carbon when coal burns it produces harmful gases sulphate, nitrogen which is a cause to harm the environment, humans & animals too.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a mixture of gases like methane, ethane, propane, butane, etc. we could be said that it is the cleanest fossil fuel because it does not produce ashes when it burns it also has some more properties like non-toxic, colourless, odourless

It is a mostly used non-renewable energy source that is formed in the earth’s crust. The main component(gas) is methane present in the natural gas which is used in some places

  • Industries as an industrial fuel,
  • For making food by consumers
  • In cold places for increasing the room temperature
  • Sometimes used in vehicles too as a fuel


Oil is another major source of renewable energy which is also called petroleum. Everyone is familiar with petroleum and it is used in vehicles as a fuel.

Maximum oil production in India has been covered by three states Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan which almost produce 92 percent part of total oil. Among all states Rajasthan produces 23.7% oil, Gujarat produces 12.5% oil and Assam produce 12.1% of oil

Although, according to stats In 2016–18 India produced 0.92% of oil from total oil is produced by India.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a kind of non-renewable energy in which the nucleus of an atom is used to generate energy through nuclear fission. It uses nuclear reactions to produce electricity. Where Uranium & platinum two particles are used

To produce nuclear power or nuclear energy first it will need a huge power plant because to perform a nuclear reaction is risky.

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