Types of biodegradable plastic | What does biodegradable mean

Nowadays, Sustainable living is the most common word people are interested in after this pandemic because of the oxygen shortage they learn many things.

People get to know the importance of the environment & why its protection is required.

Here we will share a detailed guide about types of biodegradable plastic. What is it?

How this will help to make you & your surroundings more environmentally friendly so you can go towards adopting sustainable life after knowing this term.

What does biodegradable mean

Here are some examples of biodegradable materials present in our surroundings.

  1. Food waste( organic waste of fruits & vegetables, grains)
  2. Green waste (Plants, flowers, leaves, wood)
  3. Bodies of humans, animals, birds
  4. Paper wastes
  5. Sewage

What is a biodegradable plastic

Usually, plastic is a material that is considered a non-biodegradable material but the technology goes too far & because of that science has successfully created a plastic that is included in the list of biodegradable materials.

Shocking!! But true

These types of biodegradable plastics will take approximately 6 months to break down but can’t find an estimated time.
Hence, it will not harm the environment.

Types of biodegradable plastic

According to our research, we found few types of biodegradable plastics are there:-

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)

Polylactic acid (PLA)

Starch blends

Cellulose-based plastics

Lignin-based polymer composites

Petroleum-based plastics

Polybutylene succinate (PBS)

How does biodegradable plastic save the environment

Reduce the percent of carbon emission on world

Consume less energy

Produce less Waste

In India, millions of plastic wastes are produced from households every year that could be stopped to go into the landfills, oceans & save them for pollution that will happen due to biodegradable plastic.

However, biodegradable plastic has the characteristics to convert itself into compost it means the maximum waste problem will be solved automatically.

Reduce pollution

However By initiating the use of biodegradable plastic that will compost naturally in a short time without in the presence of chemicals than traditional plastic. Hence no-one won’t be able to burn plastics & the pollution will reduce.


Choosing eco-friendly products & add them to your daily life will put a positive impact on your health & you feel happier because you’re doing something good for the environment too.

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